2015 IP Variety Reports


Heat at Last!

It seems it has been a long time coming but Ontario finally has had some summer heat the last two weeks. All crops needed some much needed heat as they were reaching flowering time mid-month and have been growing rapidly since.

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Crop Solutions that Work #18

Optimizing Yields
By Dale Cowan CCA-ON
Senior Agronomist/Sales Manager
AGRIS Co-operative and Wanstead Farmers' Co-operative

If you want “killer yields,” then you need to remove the “yield killers.” Obviously tile drainage comes to mind. Despite the excess rainfall there still remains the need to manage the essential nutrients and remove the limiting factors to feeding high yield crops. In high yield environments soil fertility is a prerequisite there should be no arguments of placing superior genetic seed solutions into conditions of adequate and balanced fertility.

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Crop Solutions that Work # 17

    It's Time to Scout for Soybean Aphids
 By Neil Elmes CCA-ON
Crop Sales Specialist  
AGRIS Co-operative - Muirkirk

Aphids have a fascinating life-cycle and an understanding of their life-cycle will aid in their control. Soybean aphids require two hosts: soybeans and buckthorn. Eggs are laid on the buckthorn in the fall and these eggs overwinter and hatch into nymphs in the spring. 

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Members Appreciation Golf Day & BBQ

10th Annual
Members Appreciation Golf Day & BBQ!

Thursday - August 13

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Deadline for registration is August 7

Co-operative Seed Demonstration Plots 2015
AGRIS Co-operative & Wanstead Farmers’ Co-operative have many corn and soybean seed demonstration plots across our trading area. Please contact your local branch to view the plots closest to you.

5-day Forecast for Chatham, ON
Change Zip Code: 
Date Tue
4 Aug
5 Aug
6 Aug
7 Aug
8 Aug
Mostly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy
Weather Mostly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy
L/H (°C)
18/25 18/24 18/23 19/24 19/24

L/H (°C)
18/25 18/24 18/23 19/24 19/24
Dew Point
18 14 14 15 16
65 60 63 62 70

6 8 10 11 10
- - - - -
None None None None None
0.3 0.33 0.33 0.38 0.33
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Local Radar
Chatham, ON
Chg Zip Code: 
Local Temps
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Local Conditions
Chatham, ON
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 26oC Feels Like: 26oC
Humid: 45% Dew Pt: 13oC
Barom: 29.9 Wind Dir: W
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 7 km/h
Sunrise: 6:23 Sunset: 8:43
As reported at ERIEAU, ON at 7:00 PM
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INCrop Nitrogen Part - One

INCrop Nitrogen - Part Two


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This Day In History
August 4, 1984
Carl Lewis wins gold medal in 100-meter dash at LA Summer Olympics

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In 1820 the Agriculture Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives was established

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Great Lakes Grain Crop Tour

6th Annual Crop Assessment Tour
September 8 to 11
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Great Lakes Grain Direct Deposit
Great Lakes Grain offers direct deposit payments
We are pleased to offer you easy and efficient direct deposit services for your grain and oilseed business. Direct deposit offers a number of benefits including:
·  You will no longer have to manually deposit your cheque.
· You will have immediate access to your funds.
· Postal delays and disruptions are eliminated.
We will send you confirmation of our deposit to your account in one of the following ways:
· Electronic information to your email address.
· Facsimile to your fax phone number.
·Through your branch representative.

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FS Agri-Finance
Check out our FS Agri-Finance Program!
Contact your local AGRIS Co-operative branch or
Mary Bell at 519-380-2370 or more details!

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@C5U 369'0 2'2
@S5Q 975'2 -1'4
@W5U 493'2 -5'4
@O5U 235'0 1'4
MSFT 47.5400 0.7300
WMT 72.250000 0.070000
XOM 77.170000 -0.890000
TWX 87.650000 -0.130000

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Grower Course Online
 Grower Pesticide Safety Course – Learn and Certify Online
Farmers now have the option of taking the Grower Pesticide Safety Course via the internet. Each online course takes place over five days and requires participation in each one of those five days. 
This new online option is best suited to those who are self-directed learners, competent in the use of a computer and have access to a high-speed internet connection. The traditional classroom style sessions are also still available. 
Click here for the traditional classroom course dates and locations. 
Click here for upcoming dates for the new online courses.
Or call OPEP at 1-800-652-8573

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