Great Lakes Grain 2014 Crop Assessment Tour Essex

L-R Vicki Michinski, Scott Cook
The Great Lakes Grain 2014 Crop Assessment is off to a flying start with staff and producers working together in Essex County!

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2014 Crop Assessment Tour
2014 Crop
Assessment Tour

September 2, 3, 4 & 5

A partnership of Ontario based agricultural co-operatives led by Great Lakes Grain, AGRIS Co-operative, FS PARTNERS, Wanstead Farmers’ Co-operative, Lucknow District Co-operative, Huron Bay Co-operative, North Wellington Co-operative Services and Sunderland Co-operative. Providing corn and soybean market intelligence for the benefit of our farmer-owners
  • Providing crucial scouting on agronomic observations, including plant populations, ear sizes on corn, pod and bean counts on soybeans for yield estimates across southwestern and central Ontario
  • Information gathered will assist us so we can help farmers in growing and selling their crops throughout the marketing cycle.
  •  In total we will have more than 1,000 yield checks on corn and soybeans
  • We will have more than 100 crop sales specialists and agronomy staff conducting checks from our participating partners   
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Twilight Tour
Essex Soil & Crop Improvement Association
The Essex Soil and Crop Improvement Association will be holding their Annual Farm Twilight Tour this year at Mike Mailloux Farms, the 2013 Essex Conservation Farm Award winner.  The date is Saturday, September 6th, 2014, beginning at 10:00 am.  The tour will take place at the Mike Mailloux Farm located at 9335 Lakeshore Rd 303, Stoney Point.  The focus of this year’s event is ‘Agronomy Tune-Up’.   Fertilizer Management & Other Agronomy Issues will be demonstrated and discussed.  An agricultural drone will also be demonstrated.
For more information phone 519 776 5209 ext 369


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Grower Course Online
 Grower Pesticide Safety Course – Learn and Certify Online
Farmers now have the option of taking the Grower Pesticide Safety Course via the internet. Each online course takes place over five days and requires participation in each one of those five days. 
This new online option is best suited to those who are self-directed learners, competent in the use of a computer and have access to a high-speed internet connection. What to expect from the online course and what are the requirements?
-- Click here for more info. The traditional classroom style sessions are also still available. 
Click here for the traditional classroom course dates and locations. 
Click here for upcoming dates for the new online courses.
Or call OPEP at 1-800-652-8573

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You Tube Channel
 Did you miss one of our YouTube videos or like to review some of our past videos?

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Disposal of Empty Pesticide and Seed Bags

CleanFARMS is partnering with AGRIS Co-operative to deliver a pilot program for the safe collection and disposal of empty pesticide and seed bags.
This pilot project is part of the agricultural industry’s commitment to the responsible management of its products throughout their entire lifecycle and will help determine the feasibility of a permanent provincial program.
Please do your part and help develop a successful collection program in Ontario.

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Check out our new FS Agri-Finance Program!
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Great Lakes Grain Direct Deposit
Great Lakes Grain offers direct deposit payments
We are pleased to offer you easy and efficient direct deposit services for your grain and oilseed business. Direct deposit offers a number of benefits including:
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