AGRIS Sponsoring TOMcast and Irrigation Management Website!

AGRIS Co-operative is pleased to be once again sponsoring the TOMcast and Irrigation Management website from Weather INnovations Incorporated. This novel website integrates two of the most critical factors in healthy crop production - an assessment of tomato disease risk and the ability to manage soil water status. This website provides key information in a timely manner.

Those producers that have subscribed and invested in the WIN C-Probe moisture sensor technology will be able to access their field moisture status here. The proven TOMcast system is also accessible here offering you DSV’s (Disease Severity Values) throughout the season to help guide your spray application timing decisions. This website will also feature regular agronomic updates on various points of interest - from plant disease management, fungicide products, product information, advice on sound fertilization practices, including soil nutrient management, fertigation, water quality, fertilizer materials, fertilizer solubility’s, compatibilities, soil pH management ,NH3/NO3 ratios, daily nutrient requirements - to name a few.
AGRIS is your supplier of industry leading agronomic advice, timely solution based crop management information, high quality products and services to make the business of growing easier. If you have any questions about this program please contact your local AGRIS crop sales specialist or you can register by following the link below.

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