Crop Solutions that Work # 22

  What Are Your Crops Telling You and
How Can We Help?

By Dale Cowan CCA-ON
Senior Agronomist/Sales Manager  
AGRIS Co-operative & Wanstead Farmers' Co-operative

        We have four main crop planning strategies that we share with you throughout the year.

 1. Pre-plant planning
 2. Post Plant- crop emergence and development observations
 3. Harvest planning
 4. Marketing plans.

 For corn and soybeans we are fully into the post plant strategies with crop emergence evaluations, weed control, insects and now plant health.

Urea Over The Top

Staging Soybeans

Members Appreciation Golf Day & BBQ

9th Annual
Member’s Appreciation Golf Day & Barbeque

Thursday August 14th  
10 a.m. Shotgun Start - Registration Starts at 9 a.m.

Deer Run Golf Club, Blenheim
Featuring 18 Holes of Best Ball Golf
Steak Barbecue & Door Prizes
Golf and Barbeque Package $70

(Price includes the cost of a mandatory gas cart)

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Deadline is August 8th

Disposal of Empty Pesticide and Seed Bags

CleanFARMS is partnering with AGRIS Co-operative to deliver a pilot program for the safe collection and disposal of empty pesticide and seed bags.
This pilot project is part of the agricultural industry’s commitment to the responsible management of its products throughout their entire lifecycle and will help determine the feasibility of a permanent provincial program.
Please do your part and help develop a successful collection program in Ontario.

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FS Agri-Finance
Check out our new FS Agri-Finance Program!
Contact your local AGRIS Co-operative branch or
Mary Bell at 519-380-2370 or more details!

Grower Course Online
 Grower Pesticide Safety Course – Learn and Certify Online
Farmers now have the option of taking the Grower Pesticide Safety Course via the internet. Each online course takes place over five days and requires participation in each one of those five days. 
This new online option is best suited to those who are self-directed learners, competent in the use of a computer and have access to a high-speed internet connection. What to expect from the online course and what are the requirements?
-- Click here for more info. The traditional classroom style sessions are also still available. 
Click here for the traditional classroom course dates and locations. 
Click here for upcoming dates for the new online courses.
Or call OPEP at 1-800-652-8573

My Market Watch
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C4U 362'4 2'2
S4Q 1202'0 17'0
W4U 531'0 6'2
O4U 336'4 3'0
MSFT 44.8700 0.0400
WMT 76.9900 0.3500
XOM 104.250000 0.710000
TWX 84.2600 -2.5200

You Tube Channel
 Did you miss one of our YouTube videos or like to review some of our past videos?

Visit our AGRIS, Wanstead Farmers and Great Lakes Grain “YouTube Channel!”

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Great Lakes Grain Direct Deposit
Great Lakes Grain offers direct deposit payments
We are pleased to offer you easy and efficient direct deposit services for your grain and oilseed business. Direct deposit offers a number of benefits including:
·  You will no longer have to manually deposit your cheque.
· You will have immediate access to your funds.
· Postal delays and disruptions are eliminated.
We will send you confirmation of our deposit to your account in one of the following ways:
· Electronic information to your email address.
· Facsimile to your fax phone number.
·Through your branch representative.

Complete details and a downloadable enrolment form

Documents By Email

Would you like to receive your documents by email?

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Dieselex Gold

Are you using Dieselex Gold yet?

Dieselex Gold is a fuel additive designed to increase horse-power
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Dieselex Gold

Dieselex Gold


Did You Know?

In 1902 the USDA began breeding plants for disease resistance

Fact courtesy of the USDA

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July 24, 1940
Linthorst Homan, de Quay & Einthoven forms Dutch Union

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