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Ownership and how to apply

Deal with the People You Trust

Invest in the company you own

In a highly competitive agricultural marketplace, there is a clear advantage to having a supplier who puts your needs first. At AGRIS Co-operative, every decision is based on what is best for our owners and customers.


Local ownership, management and service. Global buying power.

AGRIS Co-op is locally owned by area farmers, locally managed and provides locally based service. But to the financial advantage of our owners, AGRIS is part of the largest buying group in North America.

No competitor buys products at a lower cost than AGRIS. It is our purchasing power that allows us to provide products and services at competitive local market prices while reinvesting in our business and providing a return on our farmer-owners investment.


Experienced staff focuses on the farmer, not the sale

Our staff is specifically trained and experienced to deal with farming opportunities and challenges in southwestern Ontario.

We are leaders who bring advanced agronomy technology and solutions to our customers. Bringing you what’s next isn’t just a tagline; it’s our promise.


Ownership in Great Lakes Grain

Great Lakes Grain is a grain marketing partnership between AGRIS, GROWMARK (including FS PARTNERS, a division of GROWMARK) and Embrun Co-op. Great Lakes Grain is one of the largest operators of Ontario country elevators and serves farmers from Windsor through to Ottawa and north to Georgian Bay.


Fuel and lubricant products delivered when you need them

AGRIS delivers petroleum products, including DEF and lubricants directly to your farm operation. AGRIS also serves transport, construction and fleet industries across southwestern Ontario.

Sales of Dieselex® Gold, our premium diesel fuel, is ever-increasing and has earned a reputation for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.


How is AGRIS Co-operative different from other farm suppliers?

AGRIS is a farm supply, energy, and grain merchandising business, locally owned by its farmer-owners. Each owner has one vote and shares equal influence with other owners.

The owners are responsible for electing a local board of directors, which establishes the co-op’s policies. The daily operation of the business is under the direction and supervision of the General Manager, who answers to the Board of Directors.

Any earnings or savings realized by AGRIS, after paying the cost of goods and operating expenses, are either re-invested in the business or declared as Patronage dividends to its members based on their support (patronage) of the business. The Board of Directors makes this decision.


Why become an Owner of AGRIS?

Our profits are your profits

AGRIS Co-operative is owned and controlled by its farmer-owners. Any profit is either reinvested in the company to offer newer and better services and products or, when declared by the Board, shared with owners through Patronage dividends.

AGRIS has proudly served its farmer-owners for over one hundred years and continues to evolve through innovation, leadership and foresight. We are solidly focused on the future and the next 100 years.

One Owner = One Vote

As a farmer-owner, you are a shareholder and have a voice in how your supplier operates and services your long-term needs. You are invited to the Annual Meeting, where you can raise issues for discussion.

You can join the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of local farmers. Each board member is elected to a 3-year term. Owners are encouraged to nominate new people as potential board members. Voting takes place at the Annual Meeting in January.

AGRIS means service excellence

AGRIS Co-operative is a strong, leading competitor in the agricultural and energy marketplace of Southwestern Ontario.

AGRIS provides our owners with service excellence at every interaction, and works tirelessly to be your supplier of choice.

AGRIS is part owner of the GROWMARK system and an FS Member Co-operative.

Our proud history and forward-thinking evolution will help ensure a path of success for our owners. Embracing new technologies and putting innovation into practice is what AGRIS does to bring you what’s next.
Jim Campbell, General Manager, AGRIS Co-operative Ltd.

Benefits of Ownership

  • Local ownership
  • Democratic control
  • Investment opportunities at competitive rates
  • Patronage based on profits

Purchase of ownership shares $1,000

Recent Patronage History

  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Purchases (%) 2.25 1.00 1.25 0.50 1 1 1
Grain (dollars per bushel) $0.035 $0.03 $0.05 $0.05 $0.035 $0.035 $0.035
Fuel (dollars per litre) $0.015 $0.0075 $0.0075 $0.005 $0.0125 $0.001 $0.001


Investment Opportunities

(Effective April 01, 2023)

Investment type term interest rate
Demand member loan   4.25%
Unsecured debentures 3 years 5.25%
Unsecured debentures 5 years 6.00% 


Your co-operative needs capital in order to acquire fixed assets and working capital to provide regular services to members and customers. Financing is obtained from three sources:

  1. Annual profits and depreciation allowances
  2. Creditors who provide money as lenders
  3. Members and other individuals who help to finance the business as investors. There are several different investment opportunities as described below.

Demand loan accounts

Money that is invested in these accounts is treated as a loan that is repayable on demand. Interest rates are usually fairly attractive for short-term investments. Funds can be put in to these accounts at any time and withdrawn at any time and the maximum amount per individual is $150,000. Interest is calculated monthly, taking into account daily all new loans and repayments that take place during the month. Interest is credited to the balance of the demand member loan account each month and a monthly statement is mailed out showing all the transactions that have taken place.

Unsecured debentures

These are long term investments that are issued for three or five year terms. Interest is paid annually. Upon the initial investment, a confirmation statement is mailed out and then after that there is a statement of investments sent out annually.

Periodically your co-operative offers a secured debenture series and whenever these are available, details will be posted on this website. At that time information will also be mailed out to current investors and members.

For more information contact your local branch or call Paul Emerick at (519) 380-2373.


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