September 21, 2020

Dear Producer,

With all the issues surrounding COVID-19 we want to keep you updated on our plans to help you with your harvest and to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Our locations are fully prepared for the upcoming harvest.

I would like to give you an overview of how we are handling your crops as you deliver to our locations. We will have site-specific procedures as each of our locations are slightly different. We must continue to practice physical distancing (staying six feet or two meters apart), proper hand-washing and using good practices to eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue with our policy of no entry into our offices by farmers and carriers. 

The following describes how we will handle the upcoming harvest:

Checking samples for moisture, grade, etc.

  • Contact our location upon arrival and let our staff know you have a sample to be tested.
  • Give our staff all of your information, name, type of grain, sample request and return phone number.
  • At each location, an outside table will be set up with sanitized pails for you to transfer your sample into.
  • Transfer your sample into the pail. Our staff will analyze the sample as requested.
  • Remain in your vehicle and our staff will contact you with your results.

Harvest delivery

  • Contact our location before delivery to declare ownership and type of grain on the delivery
  • Upon delivery follow the direction of the location staff as to how to proceed at that location
  • Remain in your vehicle at all times where possible. If you need to leave your vehicle to roll tarps, adjust equipment, etc., please ensure you are practicing physical distancing (staying six feet or two meters apart).
  • Your load will be scaled, probed and graded. Our staff will indicate the grade to you, and you will be cleared for advancement to the unloading area.
  • At the unload area, please remain in your vehicle.
  • If there are unique unloading features on your equipment that the driver must operate, ensure our staff are aware, and we maintain physical distancing (staying six feet or two meters apart) while you are outside of your vehicle.
  • We encourage all drivers to remain in their vehicles during the entire delivery process.
  • Once the load is offloaded, follow instructions from staff to return to the scale.
  • Scale tickets can be emailed, providing we have your current email address. We will print scale tickets and have a drop box at each location for your ticket if requested.

Be sure to sign up for automatic email ticket delivery by sending your farm name, phone number and email address to us at Great Lakes Grain.

You can also see your tickets, contracts and settlements online 24/7 by signing up to Frontier. The link to register is here.

Please call our locations and review the specific details and answer any questions for your harvest deliveries.

Thank you and have a safe harvest.

Don Kabbes,
General Manager, Great Lakes Grain.

For more information, please contact your local AGRIS Co-op or Great Lakes Grain location.